Tailgating Tradition: The Hokie Hauler and Boohoo Bus

BLACKSBURG, Va. – If you can’t find Lot 8 on the Virginia Tech campus, just keep an eye out for these two.

The Hokie Hauler was once a school bus that Scott Fulcher bought over a decade ago.

“We bought this in March and we had it ready for the first football game the next year,” Fulcher said.

Six months later, the Hauler was ready for Virginia Tech’s first game against Boise State on September 6, 2010.

“I had sworn off potatoes for the week, so when people brought potatoes to the tailgate because Boise State is in Idaho, I would give the potato chips away to the Boise State fans,” Fulcher said laughing.

The bus is equipped with a grill, TV, and a slick paint job.

And it’s not just decoration, it functions like an actual school bus.

“Scott would stop and pick me up on the way from Martinsville and come pick me up in Roanoke,” Dennis Collins said.

Collins also has a nice ride he pulls out on gamedays, a 1975 Dodge Explorer.

“I bought it at the end of last season so this is our first season in the van,” Collins said.

With every mile on the van, there’s a new memory. And those are now being passed down.

“We’re raising kids now, so our kids play with other kids now, it’s awesome,” Hokie alumni Hunter Moore said.

“It’s just grown, it’s a good family event to come out and have a good time,” Fulcher said.

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