Hokies Final Four run will live well beyond final buzzer

‘We’ve really solidified ourselves in Virginia Tech history.’

DALLAS, Tx. – Virginia Tech’s season didn’t end exactly how they would have planned, but its historic run will have far-reaching affects in the future.

Following Friday night’s loss, Elizabeth Kitley stated in the locker room that returning in 20 or 30 years will be surreal to honor this Final Four team. It’s going to be special, she said, because it was all about the relationships these girls made.

“There’s a lot of happy tears mainly just because this group has done so many things that obviously no Virginia Tech team has been able to do which is incredible,” Kitley said. “If anything the sad tears are just because I won’t be able to play with all those girls again and it’s just so much fun doing that and we’ve gotten so close this year.”

“Yeah, we’ve really solidified ourselves in Virginia Tech history as you said,” Georgia Amoore said. “I know, like I’m a junior, so there’s nothing I want more than to do this all again next year because it was just so much fun. It was so great.”

“It gives us credibility,” said head coach Kenny Brooks. “It puts us up there with a lot of the programs that have been here before. All of a sudden, we become a cool destination for women’s basketball. Our style of play, we’ve got a beautiful campus. You’ll get a wonderful education. We do fun things. We do things first class. We respect the game. We respect everything about this process and this opportunity.”

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