Comfortably warm Thursday; Dorian continues to raise concerns

Thursday's weather system affects where Dorian goes in a few days


ROANOKE, Va. – A cold front passed through the region Wednesday, leaving us with high pressure in control of our weather Thursday. This means drier air, plenty of sunshine and comfortably warm air by the afternoon. 


As this high pressure system moves east, we'll notice the humidity return to more typical levels for late August-early September.


Once this high is offshore, how strong it is will determine where Dorian goes.


The wind around high pressure is clockwise, meaning that it will guide Dorian from west to east. 

• A weaker high would result in Dorian making landfall near Jacksonville, Florida. That would then allow the storm to recurve to the north, with possible local impacts as soon as Wednesday. 

• A stronger high would result in Dorian making landfall closer to Miami, Florida. That would keep Dorian farther south throughout much of next week, with possible impacts locally as late as Thursday or even next weekend.


The general consensus is that the East Coast of Florida needs to prepare for a major hurricane to make landfall around Labor Day. For those of us vacationing along the East Coast (Georgia, South Carolina and North Carolina), increased rip currents and coastal flooding due to high tide will be a concern this weekend. 


For us at home, our weather is fairly untouched by Dorian through the holiday weekend, outside of maybe a stray shower or storm. 


Be sure to check back for updates on the forecast, as whatever remains of Dorian could provide some local impacts next week. That's still six-to-eight days away, and a lot needs to be ironed out before then.

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