MARK YOUR CALENDARS: Solar eclipse happens three years from today

We’ll have to travel far north and west to see totality.

Total solar eclipse to occur on April 8, 2024 in parts of the country

ROANOKE, Va. – Just years ago, a solar eclipse stole the headlines across America. For some Americans, that will once again be the case on April 8, 2024. Areas in the path of totality, in which the sun is completely obscured by the moon, include Montpelier, VT, Rochester, NY, Buffalo, NY, Cleveland, OH, Toledo, OH, Indianapolis, IN, Little Rock, AR, Dallas, TX and Austin, TX.

So for us in southwest and central Virginia, we’ll have to do some traveling. Here at home, the sun will be 85-90% obscured by the moon.

Southside: 85-86%

Lynchburg: 87%

Roanoke, NRV and Southern Blue Ridge: 88%

Lexington/Southern Shenandoah: 89%

Highlands: 90%

You’ll have to have special eclipse glasses to view this one. For other parts of Virginia, you can click this link to see just how much the moon will cover the sun.

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