Beyond The Forecast: Looking ahead to July, our hottest month of the year

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Happy Monday!

We’re almost halfway through 2020 as June will come to an end tomorrow. We’re close to finalizing the climate numbers for the sixth month of the year.

Temperatures ran pretty close to a typical June in Roanoke. A cool stretch from June 15-17 really drags the average temperature down for the month. We’re likely to end up around 74 degrees for the monthly average temperature.

Coming off the wettest May in Roanoke’s history, June was wet too! We received the bulk of our 7.72 inches from June 13-21, thanks primarily to another cut-off low. It’s currently the seventh wettest June in the Star City.

July begins Wednesday and it’s typically the hottest month of the year in Southwest Virginia. Our average high in Roanoke throughout the month is 87 degrees, while the average low fluctuates between 66 and 67.

Early model data reveals a hotter and wetter than average July in our area. The Climate Prediction Center (CPC) has posted a 40% chance of above-average temperatures. You should expect plenty of 80s and 90s for highs, along with 60s and 70s for lows.

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