Tasty Tuesday: Homestead Creamery holds on to heritage, history and great taste

The household Franklin County spot celebrates its 20th anniversary next year

WIRTZ, Va.Homestead Creamery was started in 2001 by two local dairy farmers in an effort to preserve their family farms, according to Rose Jeter.

Jeter is part of the team that’s put this great taste into nearly 100 Krogers statewide. The originals remain, but they also have fun with the milk too. Jeter includes the, “Strawberry which is really fun. We have an Orange Cream that tastes just like a dreamsicle.”

There’s just something different about a place like Homestead in times like these. It takes you back to a simpler time. “Dairy fresh from the farm bottled in glass just gives that farm fresh flavor.”

Jeter says the vibe and the taste is something that brings back memories, and then “For those that aren’t used to drinking eggnog or might say they don’t care for it, when they drink ours, they tend to think differently.”

Pumpkin and eggnog are all the rage, and the custard is worthy of the ultimate compliment. Some people have opined, “Grandma used to make custard on the stove, and yours tastes even better than hers.”

For Heather Williams, a Franklin County native, it’s more than just a neighborhood market. She says, “We have a mask on, so it’s hard to see the smile. So, we have to take the extra step through our eyes or our body language.”

It’s hard not to smile, though, when you see the counter full of nearly two dozen ice cream flavors. These flavors now include, “Peppermint, eggnog, pumpkin cheesecake,” says Williams.

The team stays busy beyond just the dairy. Locally made goods from apple butter to honey and sauces to salsas line the market. The deli fills the air with fresh smells, thanks to specials like the Route 122.

Williams tells us this sandwich is piled high with, "Roast beef, grilled onions and peppers, and our horseradish mustard.”

Homestead truly is a place with a little something for everyone.

Williams, who fought to work at Homestead, now says, "It is a destination spot for families to come to enjoy not only ice cream, but to let them go home with things to make a whole meal right here at the market.”

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