There’s a chance you’ve been pronouncing these 13 words incorrectly your whole life

Raise your hand if you’ve been saying the ‘T’ in ‘often’

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Pexels photo

We all have them: Words that we’re not 100% sure we’re spelling or saying correctly. Words we have to look up every time.

Of course, language is ever-evolving and people in other parts of the country might say a certain word differently than the way you say it at home -- for example, “caramel.” How do you say it? CARE-uh-mel? KARR-uh-muhl? KAR-mull?

Anyway, we did some Googling and rounded up some words that seem to be mispronounced a lot. Read on and we’ll show you how to say them!

1.) Cache

If you're having computer problems, someone might advise you to "clear your cache." But how do you say "cache?"

The verdict: "Kash" Listen to it.

2.) Often

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