Do you know about this historic submarine? It can be viewed at Texas museum

USS Cavalla is a historic submarine for one big reason

United States Navy Submarine USS Cavalla, SS 244, at sea, date not given. (Photo by Arkivi/Getty Images) (Getty Images)

It is known as both “lucky lady” and the “avenger of Pearl Harbor.”

For those who love military history and submarines, it can also be viewed any day in Galveston, Texas.

Launched in 1943, the USS Cavalla eventually became legendary because it was the only submarine in the U.S. fleet to have successfully destroyed one of the Japanese aircraft carriers used in the attack on Pearl Harbor.

During the Battle of the Philippine Sea, the Cavalla spotted the Japanese aircraft carrier Shokaku recovering aircraft.

The Cavalla then fired six shots, with three of them successfully striking Shokaku.

While Shokaku went down, the Cavalla eventually escaped the scene unharmed.

The Cavalla was decommissioned in 1968 and now is on display for tourists to see at the Galveston Naval Museum.

Tours are conducted daily for people to see the ship, while special ceremonies are held on Memorial Day, Veterans Day and Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day.

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