Funny responses to non-candy items received on Halloween will get you laughing

People REALLY got this stuff trick-or-treating?

Stock image. Charles Parker (Pexels)

We asked, and the response was not only overwhelming, but shocking and in many instances, downright hilarious.

In response to an article we did asking people what was the worst or strangest non-candy items they or their kids ever got while trick-or-treating on Halloween, readers took to Facebook to share their stories.

Some got us to drop our jaw in disbelief, while others got us laughing.

Below is a compilation of some responses in our comments and on social media.

— “One year my daughter had a lighter in her bag. We think someone sat it down on the table, and she picked it up. It’s been the most useful item though! We use it to light candles, and laugh at the memory!”

“I gave out boxes of crayons. Could get them pretty inexpensive after school started and they went on sale.”

“In Warren (Michigan), a gentleman who owned a record store in the 80′s used to hand out 45′s. It was awesome!

— “Taco bell hot sauce, mayo packets and mustard packets!”

— “My daughter received cough drops one year.”

— “A potato!!”

— “I have gotten a mini loaf of bread.”

A biscuit with onion in it. Now that I look back, it may have been all he had.”

— “An egg, not sure if it was boiled or raw.”

— “As a kid I remember getting an ear of corn from one house.”

— “Garlic nuts. We lived in NYC at the time. A pizzeria was handing them out like candy.”

— “My nephew received a taco once.”

— “Pecans and oranges.”

— “At one house the owners turned out the lights and put rocks in our trick or treat bags!”

— “Ramen noodles lol.”

— “I think it was a cup of bread pudding.”

— “Mini crossword puzzle book & mini puzzles.”

— “Im gonna give out tomatoes.”

— “Chinese/Japanese WASABI PISTACHIOS my god i was like 10 and I can still remember the bitter taste.”

— “I got a pack of batteries once as a kid.”

— “A “homemade” cinnamon roll picked up and put in my bucket with the ladies bare hands.”

— “An open package of pop tarts with one missing.”

— “Pickle eggs and Frozen cups.”

— “Balsa wood airplanes.”

— “Molasses chews!”

— “A spotted banana.”

Now, this is where you come in. What is the worst non-candy item or items you or your children ever gotten for Halloween?

Let us know below and feel free to also submit a picture in the comments.

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