🔒 INSIDER: How well do you know WSLS 10 Meteorologist Chris Michaels?

Chris Michaels (Facebook)

What happened when I tried to grab the fog? I “mist” it.

If you laughed at this clever pun, you’re not alone — it’s one of Chris Michaels’ favorites.

I’m sure you’ve noticed Chris sneaking in a pun or two while watching Virginia Today. I mean, if we’re being honest here, he’s the KING of puns.

He’s also no stranger to TikTok and even quickly climbed to fame after sneaking song lyrics into his forecast.

All that to say, when he isn’t working for you to deliver the forecast, Chris is doing what he can to make us chuckle, all while just being himself.

While I could honestly go on and on about how wonderful Chris is, I wanna know how well YOU know him.

Take the quiz below to get to know Chris more.

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