Liberty University promotes National Day of Unplugging

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LYNCHBURG (WSLS10)-- From the constant stream of emails coming into our phones, to social media updates and the pings and dings of text messages-- this is your weekend to shut it all down.

Friday night marks the start of the National Day of Unplugging. It gives people a 24-hour period to put down their phones and connect with family, friends and the community. It's a project Liberty University's Center for Digital Wellness is encouraging the entire region to take part in.

"We are finding that the more time we spend looking at screens, the more stressed out and disconnected we are becoming," says Sylvia Hart Frejd, the founder and executive director of the center. "The goal of this campaign is to help people become more mindful of their digital use in order to have a healthier relationship with their technology."

Now, the center is asking people to share their reasons for unplugging-- posting them on social media before logging off for the next 24-hours.

Jordan West is a student at Liberty and has been helping to coordinate the school's efforts with the event. She says she sees people missing the opportunity to connect on campus all the time, because they're too keyed into technology.

"You could see the people you know and smile and have conversations with them," says West. "But you're so glued to your phone that you don't look up and you miss those opportunities. I hope people seize the opportunity to actually live life a little."

Students are already starting to share their reasons for unplugging, from spending more time with family to exploring the community they live in-- there are a lot of good reasons for a social media break.