Lynchburg City Schools consider extending recess time

Some are pushing for two 30-minute recess periods

LYNCHBURG, Va. – Leaders at Lynchburg City Schools reviewed some important topics tonight, including whether to provide recess time for children in the Hill City. 

Ryan Hosler has two boys in the Lynchburg City School district. He is one of the parents pushing to increase recess time for elementary school students. 

"I've yet to find a parent that said they weren't happy having more recess for their child," said Hosler.

Right now, Lynchburg students have 30 minutes for recess. In July, Hosler went before the school board and asked for two 30-minute recesses -- one in the morning and the other in the afternoon.

"It's been shown, too ... that they perform better on tests and they're more engaged in their schoolwork," said Hosler.

In a recent study by the American Academy of Pediatrics, health experts said it's clear more playtime helps children's development with their friends and parents. 

On Tuesday night, school board members and the superintendent considered the idea.

"If we're going to redefine the day by saying we're going to do something in the morning and something in the afternoon differently, then that time is going to have to come from somewhere," said Dr. Crystal Edwards, superintendent of Lynchburg City Schools.

Some board members supported the proposal.

Others had concerns that this would add pressure to school staff, who have to meet accreditation requirements.

Nothing was established tonight, but the superintendent plans on meeting with principals to see how the plan could work. 

Another topic discussed at the meeting on Tuesday night was the Memorandum of Understanding between Lynchburg City Schools and the Lynchburg Police Department.

This two-year-old agreement cannot be signed by the new superintendent until the city hires a new police chief.

The Police Department will speak with 10 News on Wednesday about this and about a new policy that Lynchburg City Schools wants to add to the agreement. The new policy involves sharing body camera footage.