Neighbors scared after high police presence in Lynchburg neighborhood

Lynchburg police posted warning on Facebook about preplanned operation

LYNCHBURG, Va. – Lynchburg Police Department along with the Central VA Drug, Task Force-(Virginia State Police, Amherst Co. Sheriff’s Office, Appomattox Co. Sheriff’s Office and Campbell Co. Sheriff’s Office), DEA Roanoke Office and the Virginia State Police Tactical Team served a number of search warrants at various locations in the City of Lynchburg.

Early Wednesday morning the Lynchburg Police Department posted a warning to their Facebook page that they would be all over town in some sort of crackdown.

But for the neighbors who live on Texas Avenue, they said that warning didn't come soon enough because around 7:30 a.m. the number of officers they saw in front of their homes surprised them.

Donna Crews, who's lived at her house for 20 years, is just a few doors away from the home police were investigating. She shared pictures with 10 News, one of them included a man in handcuffs sitting on the ground, surrounded by police and an officer wearing a DEA vest.

Crews said she heard loud booms, saw smoke and hoped it was tear gas.

"Next thing I know cops come flying in here in a squat vehicle. It looked like a military truck. Looked like it had about 10 guys all dressed in uniform with guns came rolling up in here," Crews added, "Yeah, it's very concerning. I don't care to live here around such stuff. I really don't. I will move."

Police tell 10 News its an ongoing investigation and would not confirm if it was a drug raid, nor who or how many people were arrested. As for the preplanned operations planned for today, Lynchburg police said it's finished.

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