Franklin County School Board talks banning Confederate flag in dress code

Offensive, class disruption or freedom of speech?

FRANKLIN COUNTY, Va. – A local school board is considering whether to ban the Confederate flag from the school district's dress code.

The topic was brought up at the Franklin County Public School Board meeting in October, when members considered revising the dress code to lessen restrictions for both girls and boys, and make it easier on parents to find clothes for their kids.

That's when the only African American member of the board suggested that the Confederate flag be banned in the dress code because it's offensive.

The superintendent, Dr. Mark Church, said the decision is ultimately up to the board, and it's all about balancing what is offensive and causes a disruption in class with protecting First Amendment rights.

"The question becomes: Does the Confederate flag create a disruption by itself? Well, even though someone may find it offensive, it has not been a disruption for us, to date. It doesn't mean it won't be," Dr. Church said.

The school board tabled the dress code discussion until the next meeting on Monday, Nov. 11.

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