Franklin County crews rescue Henry the beagle from buried car

Not injured and back home safe in his bed

FRANKLIN COUNTY, Va. – Henry, an elderly beagle, is safe after getting trapped under the wreckage of a car.

According to the Franklin County Animal Shelter, his owners let him out to use the bathroom Monday.

He was chasing something on his property and managed to wedge himself in a hole.

That hole turned out to be an old abandoned car partially buried in the ground.

Henry’s owners went to search for him when he did not return.

They tracked him thanks to his bark and that is when they discovered him beneath the ground.

Animal control and firefighters were called to get him out.

“When we first got here, we weren’t sure what approach to take as far as getting him out. He did good. A lot of dogs, when they’re scared or nervous, they’ll tend to bite or nip at you, but he was a good boy," Franklin County Animal Control Officer Ben Lamm said.

We’re told Henry was not hurt and went straight to his favorite bed by the fireplace after being rescued.