Galax, Washington County reporting new coronavirus cases

Both localities now have two cases each

CDC confirms fourth Florida coronavirus case

GALAX, Va. – On Friday afternoon, we learned about second coronavirus cases in both the city of Galax and Washington County.

Both this new case, as well as the first case reported in Galax are associated with international travel, according to health department officials.

For neither case have their been community contacts.

One person is hospitalized, while the other is self-isolating at home.

In the Virginia Department of Health count, only one of these two cases will appear because cases are reported based on the individual’s locality of residence.

Washington County second case is associated with out-of-state and out-of-area travel.

This person has been self-isolating at home, there are no community contacts of concern and officials said there is no evidence of community transmission within the county at this time.

“We continue to see new cases of COVID-19 throughout the Commonwealth, and it’s now in our area. This reminds us how very critical it is that people follow public health guidelines on social distancing and good hygiene,” said Karen Shelton, M.D., director of the Mount Rogers Health District. “Social distancing is one of the most effective strategies in limiting the spread of COVID-19, and lessening the impact of this pandemic.”