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School district says kids can’t wear pajamas for online classes

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SPRINGFIELD, Ill. – Even though kids may not be in the classroom as schools reopening this Fall, one Illinois school district is directing what kids can/cannot wear in their own homes.

A handbook provided by the Springfield School District has parents upset because it states that students who are enrolled in remote learning must follow the dress code that applies to students on school property, according to WCIA.

Elizabeth Ballinger says, “I made the decision for my kids to be at home and I don’t really see how any district can come in and say what my kid can’t wear in my house. I don’t think they have any right to say what happens in my house. I think they have enough to worry about as opposed to what the kids are wearing. They need to make sure they’re getting educated.”

Other parents supported the district online saying “It makes sense, it’s just a little bit of respect to show up clean and ready for class.”

When asked how the district administration plans to enforce this, they school system released this station to WCIA:

“The policy will be addressed on an individual basis through the Restorative/Discipline Options for Classroom Managed Behaviors as outlined in the handbook (see excerpt below). Generally speaking, there are no definitive one-to-one consequences outlined in our handbook for any disciplinary reason. Incidents of misconduct and subsequent consequences are treated on an individual basis.”

Restorative/Discipline Options for Classroom Managed Behaviors

● Conference/Processing with student

● Behavioral contract/student plans

● Restorative Practices (Circles, Skills-based coaching, etc.)

● Restitution or Contribution

● Consequences as stipulated in the approved Classroom Management Plan

● Detention

● Parental contact (all contacts should be documented using the parent

communication log on the infosystem)

● Time out

● Verbal reprimand

● Withdrawal of privileges


The school district told WCIA that it will address the dress code issues on an individual basis.

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