New River Health Director encourages community to keep numbers low

CHRISTIANBURG, Va – New River Health District Director Noelle Bissell says COVID-19 cases in the New River Valley are trending in the right direction.

Right now most of the cases continue to be in the college populations at Virginia Tech and Radford University.

Bissell says while the number of cases among students continues to decrease, with the winter months right around the corner it is now more important than ever to follow guidelines from the CDC and Virginia Department of Health.

“We’re at a relatively low level of sustained community transmission, but with colder weather and COVID fatigue we run the risk of letting our guard down and we ask everyone to stay vigilant,” New River Health Director Dr. Noelle Bissell said.

Bissell and the health district are also encouraging students from the university’s in the New River Valley to be cautious before potentially heading home for fall break.

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