New River Health Director doesn’t expect significant increase in COVID-19 cases as students head home

Both major universities have been conducting exit testing for students

As Virginia Tech and Radford University students go home for the holidays, officials said the coronavirus cases remain steady.

MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Va. – As students from Virginia Tech and Radford University prepare to return home for winter break, the New River Health Director says COVID-19 case numbers among students are steady.

Dr. Noelle Bissell says both universities have been conducting exit testing as students prepare to go home. The health district has also been working with students so they can stay safe while traveling.

“Pretty much everywhere is having significant community spread so I think it would really be a leap to say that our college kids are taking it home. On the flip side, do I think we’re going to see a decline in cases because our college students are leaving? Not unless our community changes our behaviors,” Bissell said.

Both universities have testing plans in place for when students return for the start of spring semester.

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