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Roanoke Valley community is hopeful as they head into Phase 1c

More vaccinations and fewer restrictions means people are a step closer to holding their families.

Virginia sees signs of hope as vaccinations expand
Virginia sees signs of hope as vaccinations expand

Roanoke, Va. – After gaining thousands of more COVID-19 vaccinations, the Roanoke Valley will now enter Phase 1c on Friday.

A spike in supply is allowing the Roanoke Valley to take a step forward with 8,000 Johnson and Johnson vaccines playing a major role this week.

“It’s very, very encouraging,” said Roanoke resident Becky Carty. “We’re so hopeful. It’s been a very difficult year.”

But appointment slots are quickly filling up.

“You kind of have to jump on real quick in order to get an appointment,” said Roanoke resident Sameria Pierce.

“But I am next in line,” Mary Yates said. “I got my little piece of paper, and I am ready as soon as I can get it.”

Kat Pascal, a co-owner of FarmBurguesa, said as the community heads into Phase 1c it could help spark a boost in business.

“It also means some of our customers that haven’t come out to support or be able to eat will help them feel safer,” Pascal said.

With safety on their minds, FarmBurguesa’s second co-owner, Jimmy Delgado, will now be able to get his dose.

“I can’t wait to get it done,” Delgado said. “It will be such a huge peace of mind.”

With more employees vaccinated, Delgado added that he and Pascal can feel more at peace interacting with their co-workers and deal with fewer shutdowns.

“We don’t have to shut down if we are exposed to it,” Delgado said. “The shutdowns were really a problem for restaurants.”

Additionally, Gov. Ralph Northam is easing up on some capacity limit restrictions by allowing more people to attend graduations, entertainment and sporting events.

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