Sen. Tim Kaine thanks Rocky Mount National Guard for their bravery at the Capitol

One commander says ‘I couldn’t be more proud of my soldiers, every single one of them’

ROCKY MOUNT, Va. – The Capitol insurrection earlier this year is a day most Americans will never forget.

Saturday morning, Sen. Tim Kaine honored the Rocky Mount unit of guardsmen and women for their efforts after the riot on January 6.

Kaine recognized the soldiers who quickly left their families to defend the nation’s Capitol by calling out 63 names and asking them to rise.

Kaine recounted that day and said he will forever be grateful for the guardsmen and women’s service.

“It was a day I never would have imagined,” he said. “It was a day that I never will forget. It was a day that should never be repeated.”

It was a day Captain Justin Furtek, the commander for 229th Chemical Company, will always remember too.

“You train for it to happen but you hope it never does,” Furtek said. “But when it does you are ready to go. I couldn’t be more proud of my soldiers, every single one of them. They stopped what they were doing and they showed up.”

Over the past year, these soldiers have played a key role in the pandemic.

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