‘I never thought it would be me’: Mom of 16-year-old killed in Roanoke shooting speaks out

Jaquice Kearney was shot and killed last Monday

Mother of 16-year-old boy killed in Roanoke talks with 10 News
Mother of 16-year-old boy killed in Roanoke talks with 10 News

ROANOKE, Va. – The death of a loved one, especially when the loss is sudden and tragic, is never easy. A parent having to bury their child is another level of pain.

“I never thought it would be me. Never in my wildest dreams,” said LaShay Kearney. Her son was shot and killed in Northwest Roanoke last Monday.

According to police, two teen boys were shot near 30th street and Salem Turnpike Monday. One victim is still recovering from their injuries, according to police. The suspect, 15 years old, has been charged with second-degree murder, aggravated assault and two counts of a firearm in the commission of a felony.

The other victim, Jaquice Kearney, 16, died.

The aftermath of the shooting was posted on social media before his family got to see him.

“He asked for me. He told them to call me. Nobody called me,” said his mom. “It should have never been recorded.”

Kearney was his mom’s youngest son out of four children. He was a student at Patrick Henry High School. She says he had aspirations of becoming an engineer.

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