Investigators continue looking for motive in 2-year-old Giles County boy’s abduction

Authorities are working to determine why Nancy Fridley allegedly kidnapped Noah Trout

The two are currently being held in Alleghany County.

COVINGTON, Va – A Giles County 2-year-old is home safe after a statewide search ended with two people behind bars in the Alleghany Regional County Jail.

Nancy Fridley and Bobby Lee Taylor are being held at the jail as investigators trying to piece together a timeline of what happened and why they allegedly kidnapped Noah Trout.

“Very glad that this child was found unharmed,” Alleghany County Chief Deputy Matthew Bowser

The Giles County Sheriff’s Office is handling the investigation with the help of Virginia State Police.

“We’re going back retroactively looking at things that happened before, during, and now after just to make sure that we have everything possible we can for a good outcome. What’s the prosecution in this case,” Giles County Chief Deputy Scott Moye said.

10 News was the only station there when 44-year-old Fridley was taken in custody at her Clifton Forge home, where investigators say Trout was found unharmed.

“We actually got a picture this morning of him asleep in his own bed, which was a good feeling,” Moye said.

Because Trout was taken from a church in Giles County, the Sheriff’s Office is leading the investigation. While they got dozens of tips, they say it was ultimately law enforcement who figured out where Noah was.

“It wasn’t anybody in specific that gave us any information. It was good old-fashioned law enforcement work that got this job done, what led us there was not a tip from anyone in particular,” Moye said.

Fridley’s boyfriend Taylor is also facing kidnapping charges in Alleghany County. We spoke with a man claiming to be his brother.

“Come to find out that she went and stolen for stole this kid from a church, play, man, it’s just ridiculous.” Dennis Vess said.

Still, a motive or connection is unclear in this case. Investigators believe it will take time to get more answers.

“There’s been a lot of emotions over the last few days. in some of these cases sometimes you don’t get the deal with happy endings and we’re very happy that this one ended the way it did,” Moye said.

Fridley is expected to be taken to jail in Giles County before she and Taylor have their next court appearances in June.

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