Lynchburg academy launches new mobile arts outreach program

Art is now more easily accessible thanks to a bus that was converted into a classroom

Lynchburg Academy of Arts launches mobile bus
Lynchburg Academy of Arts launches mobile bus

Lynchburg, Va. – The Academy Center of the Arts is announcing a new mobile arts program, Academy in Motion.

The program strives to bring the art to the people in Greater Lynchburg with barriers to accessing on-site arts programs at the Academy’s downtown campus.

Delivered through a bus, converted into a mobile classroom, the Academy is offering off-site art instruction at community centers, senior living facilities, public spaces, detention centers and more.

Academy in Motion allows flexibility as COVID-19 health regulations continue to evolve.

“The beauty of this program is its flexibility,” says Geoffrey Kershner, executive director. “Programs can be delivered directly, conducted outside, and travel to a myriad of locations.”

Academy in Motion will offer painting, drawing, clay handbuildingand craft instruction, as well as a wide variety of educational offerings beyond.

“While economic factors can be a common barrier to arts engagement, the Academy is acutely aware that there are other significant obstacles including transportation, timing, sense of acceptance or belonging in our spaces, physical accessibility of those with handicaps and limited mobility, and even having someone to attend a program with,” said Kershner. “To address those barriers, the Academy cannot be limited by its physical campus. With Academy in Motion, we will be able to bring the arts out to the community, not simply ask the community to come to the arts.”

Academy in Motion will expand existing programs established through years of partnerships, such as Altavista YMCA and the Jubilee Family Center, and build new partnerships across the non-profit, social service, and educational sectors.

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