Democratic senators introduce bill to protect women traveling out of state for abortions

The U.S. House will vote tomorrow on the codification of abortion rights into federal law

RICHMOND, Va. – Democratic senators are introducing a bill that would protect women that travel across state lines to seek an abortion.

Following the Supreme Court’s ruling, many states enacted abortion bans and restrictions.

Now, some of those states are considering passing legislation that would fine or punish women traveling across state lines to get an abortion.

The Freedom to Travel for Health Care Act would rein in these penalties, and you can read the entire bill here.

Virginia Democratic Senator Mark Warner is hoping that the legislation moves through.

“My hope is that we see action on this legislation,” Warner said. “Candidly, whether it could get 60 votes in the Senate is a bit of a challenge, I’ll be the first to acknowledge. It’s one more reason why I say to folks, elections matter.”

This bill comes after democrat’s Women’s Health Protection Act failed to overcome the Senate filibuster twice.

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