McAuliffe and Youngkin: Where Virginia’s governor race candidates stand on issues

It’s businessman vs. long-time establishment leader

Breaking down governor candidates'' platforms
Breaking down governor candidates'' platforms

ROANOKE, Va. – With the Democratic primary now over, and former Governor Terry McAuliffe winning the Democratic nomination Tuesday night, Virginians have a clear choice in November’s election.

“We have a really clear distinctive choice in November,” said the Republican candidate, Glenn Youngkin, in an interview with 10 News.

Youngkin says he stands for traditional Virginia values. He wants to build the economy by eliminating red tape and making the state an easy place to do business.

Democrat Terry McAuliffe also calls himself the economic development candidate but supports the typically Democratic call for a hike to the minimum wage.

“Number one we’ve got a raise the minimum wage to $15.00 and we’ve got to do it in 2024. It is critical for folks that they be able to get paid minimum wage. Paying below the poverty wage is just not what we do to our families,” the former governor said.

He is also calling for more money for teachers, saying Virginia lags behind other states.

“The biggest investment is in education, paying teachers above the national average for the first time ever. Right now Virginia ranks 50th out of 50 states,” he said.

Youngkin says he will not support critical race theory in schools.

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