Floyd County uses strength of schedule as advantage

Floyd County Softball
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The softball diamond has been shining very brightly for the past three years here in Floyd County, as the Buffaloes got their first ever state championship back in 2013. They've followed that up by back to back final four appearances and although it's the Buffaloes that are getting the wins and success, they say their opponents have been a huge contributing factor.

What most teams would shy away from at the start of the season, Floyd County uses as an advantage- their strength of schedule.

Coach Scott Thompson says, "I think it's our strength of schedule of who we play out of conference and out of district. I'd rather take a loss to a good team than to play somebody else that you're going to beat pretty badly."

Senior Outfielder Mary Phillips added, "If we just play some of the easier teams we're not really getting any practice out of it. if we play harder teams we can know what we can work on and what we should and shouldn't do."

The Buffaloes are younger this year with six sophomores and one freshman. Despite their youth, two of their seniors know what it feels like to win it all. Mary Phillips and dual-sport athlete Ashley Gallimore were part of the 2013 State Championship team. The two hope their experience will help this years team see what they can achieve.

Senior Pitcher Ashley Gallimore said, "That was pretty cool because we were the first team in Floyd to ever do that so that was pretty special."

Mary Phillips added, "They were younger and got to watch us and see when we were in that State game so they know and in practice we just work together and just practice the things that we should and shouldn't do.

Floyd County lost in the semifinals last season to Page County but Coach Thompson and his crew know what they need to do to in the post season.

"When you get to that level obviously everybody is good. You have to get some breaks on your side of the field and just keep working and never give up and I think the girls do that", said Coach Thompson.

Although final four appearances are nice the Buffaloes are looking to bring back championship gold to Floyd County.

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