Frankie Rowland's Kitchen: Pimento Mac and Cheese

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Pimento Mac and Cheese.

This is just one of the dishes the chefs will be serving at a reception for the Al Pollard Memorial Golf Tournament on September 15th. The tournament, gala, and competition are held on September 16th at Roanoke Country Club.

2 C Gamelli Pasta, cooked and cooled

1 C Pimento Cheese

1 C Sharp Cheddar

2 oz. Mayonnaise

2 oz. Heavy Cream

4 oz. Panko Bread Crumbs

2 oz. Parsley

2 oz. Chives

TT Salt and Pepper

MOP: Combine all of the ingredients except for panko and Chives and bake 350F 1-1.5 hrs. Remove and top with panko and continue to bake until golden brown. Garnish with chives.