VSP cracking down on distracted drivers on Interstate-81 as part of ‘Operation DISS-rupt’

The goal is to achieve zero fatal crashes during the designated enforcement period

The goal is to prevent distracted driving — Thursday and Friday, Virginia State Police will disrupt bad driving behaviors.

Virginia State Police said the goal of “Operation DISS-rupt” is to achieve zero fatal crashes during the designated enforcement period.

One driving behavior police want to address is ditching distractions like cell phones while driving.

It doesn’t matter where drivers are going, they said they want to be safe on the roads.

Drivers 10 News spoke with said they have seen some following the rules.

“Pretty much, pretty much, kind of pushing that speed limit a little bit, it’s 70 but folks are doing 75,” Jim Ezrow said.

Matt Demlein with Virginia State Police said troopers will enforce drivers to ditch distractions, never drive impaired, comply with speed limits, and wear seat belts.

“All of which lead to potential injuries on the road, crashes, and potential deaths,” Demlein said.

Virginia State Police said speed-related crashes claimed roughly 441 crashes in 2022.

They said preliminary numbers show so far, 225 drivers have passed away this year.

State Police will patrol the interstate to try and reduce the number of fatal traffic accidents.

“What we want people to do, buckle up, not drive impaired,” Ezrow said.

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