Daytime Kitchen: Prosciutto Pasta Salad

Natalie and Brittany are joined by Chef Zach Shupe from Rosettie's Family Bistro in the Daytime Kitchen. He is making prosciutto pasta salad.

Here's the recipe:

Prosciutto and basil pasta salad:

4 pounds Cooked cavatappi

1.5 cups Diced shallots

2 cups Diced roma tomato

2 cups Diced roasted red peppers

2 tablespoon Minced garlic

2 cups Chiffonade of basil

8oz Sliced prosciutto

3cups EVOO

1cup Red wine vinegar

to taste Salt and white/black pepper


Large stock pot


Large mixing bowl

Rubber Spatula

Balloon whisk


Boil pasta in salted water for 11 minutes. then strain and shock with cool water. Apply some olive oil to keep pasta from sticking together.

Next add shallots, tomato, red peppers, garlic, basil, and prosciutto to bowl. Season with salt and pepper, let stand for 10 minutes to allow juices to extract and marry. Then add pasta and toss together. Finally mix EVOO and vinegar and add it to the mix tossing all ingredients very thoroughly. Allow mix to stand for a minimum of one hour, overnight is best. toss again before service.

Olive oil poached egg:

1ea Large egg

1cup EVOO

to taste Salt and black pepper


Large stock post

Sandwhich bag

Twist tie

Pastry Brush


Bring water in pot to 160 degrees Fahrenheit.

While bringing water to temp place bag in a cup pulling sides over the sides of cup.

Brush olive oil generously on the inside of the bag. Crack one egg into bag adding a dash of salt and pepper. Press as much air of bag as possible to keep it from floating while poaching. Twist top of bag and then apply twist tie as close to the egg as possible. Poach in water for 6-8 minutes. Check doneness by using a spoon to push egg to the surface of water. If the white still appears soft and runny allow a couple more minutes to finish. Once egg is poached place in an ice bath to cool.