Pumpkin Varieties

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Horticulturist Heather O'Bryan is sharing a few different varieties of pumpkins.

Decorative: Green Goblin, Mini gourds regular Jack O Lanterns.  Just not very tasty nor do they have enough "meat" to eat. CAN roast the seeds.

Edible: Hubbard (others I will bring when I find them).  Mostly fibrous flesh and very sweet.  Great in muffins, breads, soups.

Edible AND Decorative: Marina di Chioggia and Galeux D'Eysines (I am not sure what other kinds I will find, sorry for the mystery).  These pumpkins look really cool.  Decorate with them for Halloween and then roast them for eating!

One thing to do with pumpkin is roast them in a pan with some water in the bottom.  When done, peel skin away, puree in food processor and then scoop them into muffin tins.  Freeze.  These are approx. 1/2c and can be thawed to use for cooking later or thrown directly into soup and used as a nutritious thickener.