Roanoke City Schools planning for new Fallon Park Elementary School

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ROANOKE (WSLS 10) - Planning for a new Fallon Park Elementary School will begin after the Roanoke School City School Board approved it Tuesday night.

"Because of unknowns at the current site, the Administration strongly encourages the Board to consider and approve new construction planning for Fallon Park Elementary School," according to school board document posted online.

The board was presented with a plan to renovate the school at a cost of about $17.2 million or new construction at a cost of about $23.3 million. Renovations would take about four years according to a school spokesperson but new construction would take about two years.

They will now start the design phase, plan community meetings with parents and the community over the next couple of months and hopefully start construction this summer.

Other schools are undergoing minor repairs like roof projects. Round Hill Elementary renovations were just completed with 33 new or renovated classrooms, a new cafeteria, new library and renovated main office.

There has been ongoing discussion about building a gym at Hurt Park Elementary but no decision has been made yet.