Virginia Board of Education says high school SOL test scores can't be compared to previous years

SOL test results come out soon.

High school students had to take fewer tests last school year, after the Virginia Board of Education reduced the number.   

They hope this creates some room developing life skills of the 5 c's-- citizenship, creativity, collaboration, communication skills, and critical thinking. 

They say looking at this year's results, you have to be careful comparing them to previous years because of the significant revisions to the Virginia accountability standards. 

"We're really looking at the start of new trend lines and almost all of the subject areas. Certainly in history and certainly in science and in math where we're introducing all new tests based on revised standards," said Charles Pyle, VBOE spokesperson.

10 News asked if more changes could be coming to reduce the number of SOL tests students take. 

They say most students earn an Advanced Studies Degree where they have to take and pass multiple tests in science, history and math. 

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