TASTY TUESDAY: East Coast Wings & Grill brings more than 60 flavors to Lynchburg

East Coast gives you the chance to experiment with 60 sauces and 7 levels of heat!

LYNCHBURG, Va.East Coast Wings & Grill, led by its core four, has brought award-winning food and service to the Hill City since 2018, taking home awards for best wings, best new restaurant, best kid-friendly restaurant and a community impact award.

Leading the charge is owner Mike Morrell, who says, “Living in the Lynchburg area for almost 30 years, we knew this would be a big hit. Lynchburg has always been a very active, dining out town.”

Even Lynchburg wasn’t expecting the flavor that East Coast brings to the table.

Morrell shows us, “We have 60 flavors of wings, which is unprecedented in the industry, and you can take each one of those flavors from 0 to 7 in heat.”

The heat scale goes from “Virgin all the way up to our hottest flavor, which is Insanity.”

When asked just how insane Insanity is, Morrell says, “Insanity is hot. You’re going to sweat.”

He forgot to mention that you just might cry too. Our photographer made me go top shelf for the Insanity but with the Coco Mango sauce. The flavor was awesome, but then the heat hits. If you’re a wimp like me, stay on the lower end of the heat scale.

There’s so much more than wings, from homemade and home-sliced chips to burgers that all come with double patties. If you want a healthier route, their flatbreads are delicious as well!

Lastly, we’re all looking for a good deal with kids back at school, and Morrell has some good news for you.

He tells us, “Kids eat free Wednesday nights with the purchase of an adult entrée.”

The crew here is up for more awards. You can vote for them by clicking here.

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