Tired of same old day-in, day-out work life? A ‘workation’ just might be your cure

Beach. (bertvthul)

At the beginning of the year, when quarantines went into effect and people were forced to work from home, it was a pretty dramatic change for many.

We’re guessing there were plenty of people who welcomed the change, but even working from home comes with its disadvantages.

And let’s be honest: After the year we’ve had, we could all use a vacation by now.

If taking a vacation isn’t feasible, the island of Aruba is suggesting you take a “workation.”

If you’ve got to work, you may as well do it in paradise, right? Sounds much nicer than staring at the same wall day in and day out.

The One Happy Workation stay is up to three months of excellent deals on condos, villas and more. It also includes complimentary WiFi, breakfast, all-inclusive food and beverage options and more.

“When you workation in Aruba, you’ll live like a local, with discounts and access to special local experiences,” the website states.

Sound like something you might be interested in?

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