‘Take a mask. Stop the spread’: Salem woman honors healthcare workers with yard display

Anne Craighead makes masks and hangs them on a yard display for anyone to take for free

SALEM, Va. – Honoring healthcare workers on the frontlines, a Salem woman has put up a special display in her front yard to thank them and remind us all to do our part.

In front of Anne Craighead’s home on Stonegate Drive in Salem, you’ll see a large metal star adorned with blue lights.

On it, she’s hung handsewn masks and a sign that reads, “Please show your love for our health care workers. Take a mask. Stop the spread.” Craighead said she hopes it’s a small reminder to help us all come together and to do our part.

“I want them to think there is hope. That there is an end in sight. There are better days to come. If we would just cooperate with each other and not make this is a political thing, make it a health issue for Pete’s sake,” Craighead said.

While staying home and caring for her father who has dementia, Craighead created a sewing station to make masks to give out to the community. She said she follows her dad around the house with her sewing machine she has placed on a wheeled cart.

While Craighead admits quarantine has been lonely, making masks helps pass the time and keeps her motivated. Recently, a close friend who usually checks in on Craighead was diagnosed with COVID-19. Craighead said she also wants to make them in her friend’s honor. She’s made dozens for her neighborhood, local businesses and even mail carriers that come to her door.

Many are leaving their Christmas lights up until Jan. 31 for health care workers. This is her way of taking it a step farther so we can all do our part.

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