Rocky Mount asking for help paying for Veteran's Memorial Park repairs

July 25, 2011 flooding caused erosion.  (Photo: Matt Hankins)
July 25, 2011 flooding caused erosion. (Photo: Matt Hankins) (Copyright by WSLS - All rights reserved)

ROCKY MOUNT (WSLS 10) - The Town of Rocky Mount is asking for help with a million dollar problem.

They need to repair the Veteran's Memorial Park. It's expected to cost nearly one million dollars to fix a massive erosion problem. Three years ago several hundred cubic feet of the bank at the intersection of Furnace Creek and Pig River washed away.

The town manager says the damaged area is close to the Veteran's Memorial and the next erosion event may damage it. The town is asking Franklin County for help paying for the project since it a town and county memorial.

Photo: Matt Hankins
Photo: Matt Hankins

Rocky Mount Assistant Town Manager Matt Hankins says there is a Memorial Day service and Veterans Day service at the site every year.  "It is a focal point for those who have lost loved ones. Their names are inscribed into the memorial," said Hankins.

Franklin County will discuss the issue Tuesday afternoon starting at 1:30.