Roanoke County discusses plans to purchase land near Explore Park

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Roanoke County (WSLS) - Land near Explore Park was up for discussion at the Roanoke County Board of Supervisors early session on Tuesday. Supervisors voted 4 to 1 to move forward with plans to

purchase more than 5 acres of land at a cost of


Staff with Roanoke County Parks and Recreation said the purchase of the land would be part of the County's master plan to increase the land around Explore Park.

They said the money would come from revenues collected from park fees and charges.

Tuesday was the first reading of the ordinance, Supervisor A

l Bedrosian, Hollins District, voted against it.

"It seems like their are a lot needs we have in Roanoke County and to be putting $159,000 to buy more land in front of these hundreds of acres I guess I just have a hard time with that. That we're going to be spending that kind of money to do this."

A second reading on the ordinance will be heldon Oct 13th.

Board of supervisors also voted to table discussions about regulating open burns. County leaders said they

may revisit the topic at a later date.