Virginia Tech researchers say Flint water still unsafe

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BLACKSBURG (WSLS 10) - Virginia Tech researchers said Flint, Michigan residents are still not in the clear with their water.

Professor Marc Edwards announced Tuesday that Flint residents should only drink bottled water or through a lead filter until further notice.

Testing last month revealed that although lead levels are decreasing in most areas, some homes saw a spike in lead content.

Edwards also said that because many residents are not using much water, it is slowing the cleaning process.

"The way the water is currently being used, relatively low flow volumes, relatively low flow rates, we have learned in the past few months that it's probably going to take months or years to get these deposits out of the pipes and to clean these pipes up," said Edwards.

The research team believes if Flint uses more water, the system could be safe and clean in less than a month.

Edwards assured the Flint community that they should not have any more fear of bathing there than they would in any U.S. city.