Liberty student reacts to new gun policy

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LYNCHBURG (WSLS 10) - The fall semester is underway at Liberty University, and with it, a new policy making the school one of the most gun-friendly campuses in America.

For the first time, students with a concealed carry permit can now store their weapons in their dorm rooms.

The university received more than 100 requests to take a concealed carry class the week after the new policy was announced last year.

Students can take that class right on campus.

One student says now, not only does he routinely carry his concealed weapon, but the fact that others do too makes him feel safer at school.

Fifth-year Senior Dan Carr says since the school announced the policy change, he's seen his peers become more knowledgeable about what it means to carry a gun.

"A lot of people kind of want to learn more now that they know that they are able to, which I think is huge. Knowledge is power, so the more that you know about the laws and the different kind of things you have to, that are required that come with a concealed carry, obviously the better off you are," said Carr.

At Liberty, there are several of those requirements students have to meet before storing a gun in the dorms.

According to the new policy, students must "request installation of a safe" by officers with the University Police Department for safe storage.

It also states that the University Police will "have each of the student's roommates appear personally at LUPD's office" to consent to the storage of the weapon.

In April, University General Counsel David Corey laid out why the school ultimately made the move.

"We feel that campus is actually safer because there is an unknown number of people on campus who wouldn't be able to defend themselves and maybe others should something tragic be about to occur," said Corey.

Carr says he couldn't agree more.

"Only thing that can stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun," said Carr.

The amended policy this semester also allows visitors to campus with valid concealed carry permits to carry a gun.

At this time, Liberty joins only about 30 other universities and colleges around the country that allow guns legally on grounds.