‘Yes to Sex' app asks partners to record giving consent


By Kelly Reinke – KNOXVILLE (WATE) – The free app "Yes to Sex" is encouraging people to give and get consent before engaging in sexual activity. Some students at the University of Tennessee like the idea of this app, while others find it unnecessary and say it won't be very effective.

"It takes away the confusion between two people who decide to have sex," said S'ance Lloyd, a student at the University of Tennessee.

Lloyd approves of the app because it makes partners choose what mood they are in. The app also makes partners read a list of facts and then allows them to confirm they're giving consent. Finally, it records a verbal yes or no to sex.

"Both of y'all are on the same terms. Both of y'all have the same understanding," said Lloyd.

She also feels it could help people who are afraid to say no face-to-face.

"Then they can say no on the phone. They can say what they really feel," said Lloyd.

Other students are not in favor of it.

"It's supposed to be something special. Doing something like this means well but it shouldn't be necessary," said Michael Sanderson, a student at the University of Tennessee.

Students may disagree on the app but many agree it will not be very effective. Some say it will not change the sexual assault climate on college campuses.

"If somebody has it in their head that they are going to do something like that, they are going to do it no matter what," said Sanderson.

Some students also say many people will not take the time to use the app.

"I think they would rather say yes face-to-face than download the app," said Lloyd.

Especially, they say, if the partners are intoxicated.

"I don't think anybody under the influence is going to take the time to go through an app," said Sanderson.

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