Lynchburg group to start new after-school program for kids in one community

Shopo Nation says they want to help kids at James Crossing Apartments

LYNCHBURG, Va. – Community activists in Lynchburg want to bring change to one neighborhood; however, before they can do that they'll need volunteers to help. Shopo Nation in Lynchburg wants to start an after-school program in one of the Lynchburg’s low income communities. The group says the purpose in starting the program will positively impact the parents and most importantly the children.

At James Crossing Apartments some people feel like they've been forgotten. One woman tells BB Shavers, founder of Shopo Nation, "We know you care BB, but not a lot of people care." This is why Shopo Nation is spreading the word about opening an after school program in the complex's community center. "So many times over here, as far as James Crossing Community, has been a negative atmosphere, [and] outlook. As far as verbally, 'James Crossing this... James Crossing that.' But now for 2017 to 2018 we'll make sure to put an after school program to give every kid over here a positive opportunity to be successful like everybody else,” BB Shavers, said.

With the support of some. BB Shavers needs a few more people to make this happen. "I really strongly believe, it’s in this area we have the resources, the talent, and the compassion in people who will like to come in. Like I said, read to kids, help kids through technical skills social skills, math skills. My goal is for everybody to have honor roll."

On Monday from 3 to 7 p.m. kids will be welcomed, helped with their homework and have it checked by adults. Then, right before heading home a motivational speaker will connect with them on another level.
“[They need] some strong female that's in our city that could talk to these women over here. These young ladies over here that need a strong positive female in their life. Same time we're gonna have strong men that's gonna come over here give a message to these young men,” Shavers said.

Shopo Nation has a lot of work to do before Monday, but they say they're ready. “We gonna be here for the kids, we gonna be here for the adults we gonna be here for the elderly. And it’s gonna start August the 14th right here,” Shavers said.

Parents will have to register their kids and are encouraged to participate in the program. They can sign up this Sunday from 5 to 7 pm. Organizers say the center needs at least six computers, two printers, headphones, printer and bathroom supplies.  Parents are encouraged to participate with their child during the program.  Adults who want to participate, or want to earn a GED can sign up also. If you have any more questions contact BB Shavers at 240-280-4360.

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