Aid group to pay bail for counterprotesters

Nexus Services says it will pay to free those rallying against Unite the Right

Courtesy: Nexus Services
Courtesy: Nexus Services

CHARLOTTESVILLE – A legal group announced that it will pay bonds for counterprotesters who were arrested today.

Nexus Services CEO Mike Donovan announced today that the company will secure bail assistance for students and others short on funds so they can "freely exercise their civil rights." 

In a release today, Donovan said “We respect the constitutional rights of the citizens of Charlottesville, particularly the young people rallying against hate who attend the University of Virginia.  We also know that many young people lack the money to secure and post bond. Nexus Services Inc. will help those counter protesting the neo-Confederate rally, particularly students, and get help them out of jail and home as soon as possible.”

The company says it will not secure bond for anyone  in public demonstrations wearing masks that are found to be in violation of the Ku Klux Klan Act of 1871.

The bail assistance hotline is 434-688-0036. Collect calls will be accepted. 

The company is encouraging anyone with family or friends in Charlottesville to share this number.