Board approves $10 million for George Wythe High School improvements

School has cracking walls, floors missing tile, portable air conditioners

WYTHEVILLE, Va. – A 66-year old high school in Wythe County is on its way to getting much-needed renovations. 

The Wythe County Board of Supervisors set aside millions of dollars in its fiscal year 2018 budget to improve George Wythe High School.

Cracking walls, mobile air conditioners and floors missing tiles is the reality for students and teachers at George Wythe High School. The Board of Supervisors just approved a bond of $10 million to make much needed improvements to the school. 

"That was something we heard from people, that they are very proud of this school and it is certainly worthy of renovations," said Jeremy T.K. Farley, Wythe County public information officer.

George Wythe High School was built in 1951. There were some renovations made in the 1980s, but school staff members said it simply wasn't enough. Today, the school is aging fast and the improvements can't come soon enough. 

"We're very excited, our students are excited, just minimum to have air conditioning," said Brandon Blankenship, a teacher at George Wythe.

Every day, around 450 kids walk the halls of the school. They sit in classrooms where the temperature can be unpredictable. They play in a gym where cracks run from floor to ceiling. But now, a move by county government is giving those students and teachers hope.

"Hopefully, we're going to see those improvements and try to have an environment conducive to the learning experience," Blankenship said.

The proposed renovations are part of a larger effort to improve all the schools in the county.