Plumbers offer preventative tips for freezing pipes

Plumbers say tumbling temperatures have kept them busy

LYNCHBURG, Va. – The tumbling temperatures have kept the phones at local plumbing companies ringing off the hook. Plumbers across the region, including Charlie Hipskind, who owns Blue Ridge Plumbing, are receiving more calls than usual. 

We really started getting a lot of phone calls, I guess, Saturday morning when, I think, people were kind of getting up and realized fixtures weren't working. There was no water in the house,” Hipskind said.

Other plumbers in the Lynchburg and Forest areas, who were also busy on Tuesday, said they've been getting called out as early as 7 a.m. and finishing up by 9 p.m., dealing with frozen pipes. 

"A lot of people have probably put foam installation around pipes. That does OK for the traditionally weather we have in our area. But when it gets this cold for this long, the best thing to do it really have some heat tape if they're in an exposed area,” Hipskind said.

Hipskind gave other suggestions such as using a space heater near pipes in open or exposed areas of your home. He said to put some insulation around your water pipes. Open cabinet doors to let air circulate. Keep your faucets running. 

"Keep both the hot and cold the hot and the cold on. A little trickle there will help keep that water from staying under pressure and freezing,” Hipskind said.

And he said to never let the thermostat in your home fall below 55 degrees.

"It doesn't have to be 80 degrees in there. But something to where it’s at least going to maintain. 58 to 60 degrees I'd say to be on the safe side,” Hipskind said.

The Western Virginia Authority also offers tips about freezing pipes. You can go to their website https://www.westernvawater.org/drinking-water/using-water-wisely/cold-weather-plumbing-tips


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