Woman wants to find family involved in Roanoke accident

ROANOKE, Va.- – A Roanoke woman says she was a witness to an accident Sunday evening and now she wants to reconnect with the family involved.

There was some scary moments for Megan Guthrie as she was driving down Hershberger Road.  
Guthrie says she and a family in the next vehicle were both traveling eastbound headed towards the downtown exit.. when she saw the person who caused the accident drive over the median from the other side into oncoming traffic. 
The car hit another head-on. Megan says she wants to make sure the family is OK after the accident. She's using Facebook to get in touch with those in the other vehicle.

"I just want to make sure everyone is OK and no one was injured terribly and that way if it does go to court they have their witness and someone by their side," Guthrie said. 

Roanoke city police would not give the details of the accident only saying they were called to the scene of the accident and a report was made to police.