8-year-old Pittsylvania County girl's family asking Scotty McCreery to sing at her funeral

Tagan Edwards, 8, died Saturday; Tagan idolized Scotty McCreery

PITTSYLVANIA COUNTY, Va. – Eight-year-old Tagan Edwards loved listening to and singing country music, frequently singing at Kick Back Jacks in Danville.

She idolized "American Idol" winner Scotty McCreery.

"That was her boyfriend. She would sing his music, she would talk about him all the time," said Kayla Hancock, the girlfriend of Tagan's brother.

On Monday, Kayla sent out a tweet asking McCreery to sing at Tagan's funeral.

Kayla hopes that if enough people retweet the message, McCreery will see it.

About a year ago, Tagan got to meet the country music star through the Make A Wish Foundation.

"That was probably the happiest day of Tagan's life," Hancock said. "To have Scotty (McCreery) show up at her funeral and sing for us and mainly for Tagan, it would mean a lot."

Tagan passed away on Saturday after her fifth open heart surgery, which she had at the end of March.

She was born with heterotaxy syndrome.

The syndrome causes heart defects and causes the body's organs to sometimes be out of place.

"When I received the text message that Tagan had passed, that was devastating for me. I tried to stay strong for her brother," Hancock said.

Even if McCreery doesn't get Kayla's message, he will still have a presence at the funeral.

While Tagan never sang McCreery's songs at Kick Back Jacks, Kayla said some of his songs will be played at the funeral Friday.

"She was an angel that walked this planet, now she's an angel up high," Hancock said.

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