National Weather Service and Storm Team 10 discuss recent severe weather pattern

SOUTHWEST VA – In the past six weeks, seven tornadoes have torn through our region.

After days and days of heavy rains and thunderstorms, the crazy weather isn't over just yet.

From flash floods to thunderstorms and even a small tornado that touched down in Bedford County, Storm Team 10 and the National Weather Service have been busy keeping up with this severe pattern.

"Until this pattern changes, which it may not for a couple more days, we're going to be the same story every day -- heavy rain and maybe a bit of severe weather," said Steve Keighton, science and operations officer for the National Weather Service.

Across our region, people have been dealing with landslides, mudslides, sinkholes and flooded roads. A small tornado knocked down a line of trees in Bedford County. The weather service says it was watching closely, but the rotation was too weak for a warning. 

"If we were to issue a tornado warning for every storm that looked like that one did, we would issue a lot of tornado warnings that wouldn't occur," said Keighton. 

Storm Team 10 is always doing its best to watch severe weather too, warning or not. 

"They control the warnings wholeheartedly, but if we see something that looks suspicious or potentially deadly or damaging, then we can jump on it even if there is no warning," said Jonathan Kegges, Storm Team 10 meteorologist.

But Storm Team 10 wants to make it clear -- any time there is severe weather, be prepared for anything.

"The probability was low, but even anytime a thunderstorm gets going, the probability is never zero for a tornado to touch down," said Kegges.