Salem woman searching for 'Good Samaritan' after late-night car accident


ROANOKE COUNTY, Va. – Candice Stover is grateful for her life and grateful for a man she calls her hero.

A late-night accident on Hunting Hills Drive in Roanoke County left her alone and scared.

"I was scrambling really panicking, about to have a panic attack, and a guy just came out of nowhere and knocked on my passenger window and asked if I was okay," said Stover.

Candice said she heard a pop in her car as she was coming around the curve, and then she lost control and the car slid down an embankment.

"I kind of just let go and said a little prayer," said Stover.

The morning after her accident, Candice went searching on Facebook for the man who helped her out of her car, kept her calm and called 911. She got his name, but in the stress and chaos, she forgot it. 

"I would just have to say thank you," said Stover.

Looking at what's left of her car, Candice can't believe she escaped with only bruises and scratches. She also can't believe how a man who was just passing by made every effort to help her survive. 

"I was alone. I hadn't passed any traffic on that road at all, so who knows when the next car would have come. I just really need to be thankful to him," said Stover.

For now, Candice will wait patiently and hope that the man who helped her will see this story or see her post online and know how grateful she is.