Pittsylvania County in need of new backup EMS provider

Previous provider, Regional One, bought out

PITTSYLVANIA COUNTY – Pittsylvania County is in need of a backup EMS provider.

Regional One was the provider until last month when the company was bought out by LifeCare.

A backup EMS provider responds to EMS calls just like the county's rescue squads.

The backup service helps the rescue squads cover calls that they otherwise wouldn't be able to due to a lack of manpower.

"I've had several companies that apparently are interested. We had several questions from some of those vendors that we actually answered and put back on our website," Pittsylvania County Public Safety Coordinator Chris Slemp said.

How much the county will pay the new backup EMS provider had not been determined Thursday.

"Our short-term coverage, I had prices from $38,000 to $140,000 (a month). So I think (the bids companies submit to be the new provider) will vary," Slemp said, talking about the temporary backup service the county signed up for once Regional One ended its service.

Bids are being accepted through June 18.

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